Fun fact about me: I have NEVER played on any type of organized sports team in my life. No t-ball at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church when I was growing up. I never tried out for the super popular girls’ field hockey team in high school. No intramural volleyball in my days at IU. The experience of teammates, practice schedules, life lessons shared by a coach are all lost on me. As a mother, I see how my children admire and respect even the volunteer coaches in our local rec soccer league. I am grateful there is someone else to teach them how to dribble a soccer ball or perfect a butterfly stroke as those feats are beyond my athletic abilities. I am thankful there are other adults in their lives who model health and discipline.

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As I shared here, last year I started Beachbody’s Piyo program. I fell in love with Chalene Johnson, how I felt, the muscle definition I started to see in my legs. I was obsessed with finding new Shakeology recipes on Pinterest. I like to save a dollar so I signed up to be a discount coach with Beachbody, never with any intention of sharing my experience with others. But folks asked and I answered. I shared the small steps of change I was taking to create great change in my life. Rather than jumping leaps and bounds forward like I had done before, I was making small changes that slowly became engrained in my daily routine. And unlike those bounds, my steps were sticking. I was making progress. Progress that was sustainable. Those steps were adding up to miles. At 36, I’m in the best shape of my life. So I took one more small and super scary step, I decided to put myself out there and coach others.

What could this girl who never experienced a coach herself, teach others? I simply shared my small steps. I came to the realization that a coach was not someone who was perfect. They were someone who was real. A person who is passionate about what they are teaching, invested in helping others, and excited to celebrate their progress. In some ways, coaching others to take these small steps incorporated many of my favorite aspects of nursing. I was able to promote health, teach others, solve problems, brainstorm ideas. All this without the 12 hour shifts and tedious charting! It was a win/win.


Over the course of the last 6 months as a Beachbody coach, I started to  embrace the difference between a coach and cheerleader. We all need a cheerleader. Someone to encourage us on and chant from the sidelines. But more often, we need a coach. Someone who is in the thick of it with us. Someone who has played the sport, followed the program, and is willing to call us out when we fall behind. A coach sets the bar of expectation just beyond our reach, not because they want to see us struggle, but because they know we can succeed.


For some time, I have been a cheerleader coach. I am a people pleaser. I love harmony and hate disagreement. I never wanted to be pushy or “sales-y”. But as my Beachbody business grows and I see more and more women have such success with the Beachbody programs, I am more committed to stepping away from cheerleader and into the role of coach. I will have high expectations because I believe in any of us and our ability to create long lasting life change through small steps. I am confident that with hard work, commitment and dedication we are all capable of achieving our healthiest self.

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As a coach, I LOVE a good meal plan and fitness routine. I LOVE surrounding myself with a community of women who are ready to change. I deeply believe that the key to stopping the trend of obesity is to start with women. A woman who models healthy eating habits, stocks the kitchen with healthy food and incorporates exercise into family routine is a powerful force.

If you are looking for a coach, please reach out to me. Whether it’s help creating a custom meal plan, participating in  one of my Facebook challenge groups, or needing an accountability partner, I would love to chat with you about your small steps!

Update: 2/18/15

Coaching has become an integral part of who I am, what I love to do, and I am excited to invite other folks to join my team. If you are interested in learning about becoming a Beachbody coach, join me in our Coach Sneak Peek on Wednesday February 24th! Find out  more and register here:

email me or visit

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  1. What a great story that is! So awesome that you have found your niche, the place you enjoy and are supposed to be! Awesome!

  2. What a great story that is! So awesome that you have found your niche, the place you enjoy and are supposed to be! Awesome!

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