Hello my long lost friends. I have missed you and this space. Words were difficult for me in 2017 and I cannot put my finger on exactly why.

Like so many of us, I started my journey in 2017, 365 days ago, full of hope and dedication and vigor. But I found as each month passed my attitude grew poorer, my resolve to keep writing lessened. I wasn’t sure what to write or say. I fooled myself into believing that all of my writing had to be perfect or “Pin worthy” or revealing of the deepest parts of my soul. Honestly, 2017 just felt blah. Kind of like treading water. Constant movement and no forward motion. Tiring and stationary.

I spent a good deal of December processing why I felt that the preceding 11 months had been in vain. The reality was that I accomplished one of my biggest life goals- I became a triathlete. It was something that I had on my bucket list for nearly a decade and I crossed that finish line in September. I had accomplished other smaller goals like running 2 Ragnar races with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. We actually bit the bullet, bought Financial Peace University and started on our debt free journey.  But I still felt a “eh” about the entire year.

In the end I determined that I hadn’t really finished most of those thing well.. For my triathlon training, I petered out. I half assed the last few weeks and paid the price for it during the race. For our debt free journey, I started strong in July but by December we were losing money out of our checking account like it was a sinking ship. For the year, I had gained more weight than I ever imagined, I had allowed more screen time than I had ever planned and I allowed Small Steps of Change to sit quiet more than I intended. I was great at starts and HORRIBLE at finishes.

It was in that place where I found my word, my mantra for 2018.

My word is FINISH. I have a list of things I plan on finishing in 2018. Not just crossing the line but finishing strong. Not just half assing to get it done but finishing with pride. I also recognize that finishing well is directly tied to starting well. In 2018, I will be more intentional with what I start. Each month I will spend time praying about what I want to finish that month. What are the small steps that I can take to make this final 365 of my thirties the best of my life? What can be done each month to create health, wealth and wellness to myself, my family, my tribe? I kick off January, my first month of finishing with this list:

  1. Health: Complete the  Ragnar Training Challenge– 31 Days of movement.
  2. Wealth: Create our Every Dollar Budget & NO spend January (nothing but bills/groceries and my nails…mama’s gotta have a treat!)
  3. Wellness: Read “Finish” by Jon Acuff.

There they are. My first small steps of 2018. Now I would LOVE to hear yours. Come on over to Small Steps of Change on Facebook and post your word of the year, what you would like to finish in January, or join in on the Ragnar challenge with me!

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