Okay so not really the “beat” but more of the “funk”. Our entire family has been having a  hard time adjusting to the routine of school this year. The minutiae of who needs to wear sneakers for gym, where is the library book, what is the color of the day in preschool, has worn me down. While I’ve been keeping up with my running thanks to my best accountability partner, Jody, my nutrition has been less than stellar. My mood has been sour, my fuse short and my sleep restless. These are all the makings for a wildly emotional mama who is leading her ducklings astray. I needed a little lightening bolt to jolt me out of this mood, energize the family and, hopefully, restore some order. Thankfully, that lightning bolt came in the form of a podcast.

I have a collection of podcasts that I listen to while cleaning, running, driving. They range from biblical teachings from Traders Point Christian Church to Another Mother Runner to This American Life. Recently, I started listening to the Charged Life by Brendon Burchard. His podcasts are short and packed full of ideas to chew on long after it is over. In a recent podcast, “How to Restart a Bad Day”, Brendon gives some simple strategies to tackle your worst mood and turn your day around. I felt as though he had recorded this little 9 minute gem just for me. Luckily, you can listen too! Check it out here.chargedlifeBrendon’s first tip: get some exercise! He power walks but I’m a mother runner to the soul. So today, I made a conscious decision to turn my funk around and that starts with lacing up. After dropping the littles off at preschool, Jack and I ran a slow but steady 4 miles. Running can be meditative when I allow myself to surrender to the rhythm of my footsteps, lose myself in my playlist and run without worry of pace or distance. Today the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and Jack was surprisingly well behaved. Those miles were just what I needed. I think Jack enjoyed himself as well!


The second step Brendon suggests for getting your day back on track is reminding yourself of three things for which you are grateful. This is what occupied most of my thoughts while I ran. Ultimately, this is my list for today:

  1. The financial security Chris’ job provides despite his crazy travel schedule.
  2. The health of my family.
  3. Grace

After refueling, guzzling some water and showering, I sat down and wrote the three things I must accomplish today. I have a tendency to create long to do lists that are impossible to get done in one day. Then I become preoccupied with prioritizing the list and nothing gets done. Brendon teaches to list the 3 must do things and what is your reward for getting them done. Here are mine for today & my “reward”:


I love the power of a plan. Once I had my plan in place, I felt as though a road map was leading me where I needed to go. My “top three” to do list will become a daily part of my routine. And who doesn’t like a reward???

In addition to the tips that Brendon shares, I added a few that I know our family needs to function well. The house is tidied, a healthy dinner of leftovers is planned and my bedtime is set for 10pm. These small steps will be the key to turning our funk around!

What are your small steps towards a better mood?

Share your favorite podcast- I’m always looking to expand my library!





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