Week three of triathlon training!

Last week I set my goal to focus on the swim this week. I have learned that, just like running, increased ease comes with increased frequency. I completed 2 swim workouts in the pool (a great brick workout and a 1500 meter swim) and my very first open water swim. I also accomplished my 100 meter goal!

For my brick workout, I biked 5.5 miles to the natatorium, swam 1000 meters and biked the 5.5 miles home. The ride there was easy, the swim got progressively more difficult and the bike home was exhausting. But I did it and felt a great sense of accomplishment after my shower and hearty dose of Motrin.

This weekend, I took the kids up to one of my bestie’s lake houses. Her house is on a small lake with minimal boat traffic. The perfect place to conquer my first swim. Diane and Noah rode alongside me in the paddle boat to be sure I didn’t drown or get run over by a pontoon.

Lessons I learned

  • Focus on breast stroke. Even without other swimmers around, it was easier for me to keep my head up to see where I was going.
  • Getting choked by seaweed was not helpful for my breathing.
  • Open water swimming was simultaneously more difficult and easier than lap swimming in the pool.

Looking forward to finding more places locally that I can practice those open water swims!

Week three totals: 3 swims- 2500 in the pool and approx 1/2 mile open water


I have put my Craigslist bike trainer to good use! Streaming some Netflix, available for the kid if they really¬†need something, no worries about oncoming traffic. It’s a pretty sweet little gizmo.

Week 3 total: 1 outside ride 11miles, 2 rides on the trainer 45 minutes each.

Week 3 was a light running week for me. But the final leg of my triathlon will be star of the show for week 4 training!

Week 3 total: 2 runs, 8 miles.

This coming week will be an “off” week for tri training. On Thursday am, I am headed to New Orleans! While we will be getting some great workouts in while at Beachbody Summit, swim/bike/run will not happen. But I’ve planned ahead and will hold myself to this routine for the week 4:

Wednesday: Run

Thursday- Sunday: NOLA!

Monday: Bike/Run

Tuesday: Swim/Run

You are all my accountability community so I expect you to call me out if that’s not my schedule for next week!


I would love to hear from you!!