Week two of triathlon training!


I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable in the pool. The breathing feels more natural when I allow my mind to wander. I still count my breaths but worrying less about how fast and instead focusing on how smoothly I swim. I can comfortably swim 50 meters, uncomfortably 75 meters, and working towards 100 meters. Small steps…

Lessons learned in the pool this week- a swim cap is NECESSARY!! I seem to have misplaced my swim bag with my cap and googles. I figured I could borrow a pair of goggles from Ava and make do without a cap. I’m pretty sure I looked like this:

Week 2 total:   1 swim, 1350 meters.


This week I chose to focus on bike training and the dreaded bike/run transition. After each ride this week, I have run at least 1 mile to learn to adjust to that strange sensation of running after biking.  While I usually run to music, I have a playlist of podcasts to listen to while I bike. The triathlon will include a 24 mile bike. I’m averaging about 12 miles an hour now! So I have PLENTY of time to catch up on This American Life, RadioLab, Another Mother Runner, and some of my other favorite podcasts. I’d love to hear your recommendations of “don’t miss” episodes.

Today, I picked up an indoor bike trainer on Craigslist. I’m hoping to set this bad boy up in my garage and practice riding on some “hills”.  I know that at some point I’ll need to get on the bike and pedal up some real terrain but for now I’m going to settle on using the trainer to simulate some hills.

Week 1 total: 2 ride, 22 miles.

My run this week was short and sweet. One easy 3 mile run in addition to the miles after each bike ride.

Week 2 total: 1 runs, 3 miles

For week three of training, I’ll be focusing on the swim! My plan is to hit the pool at least three times this week and conquer the 100 meters.

I would love to hear from you!!