Earlier this month, I posted about a dream that my husband and  I had surrounding a little house tucked on 11 acres in Central Indiana. We are now the owners of this little slice of Earth and the real work has started. So this week I’m sharing the 5 things I love most about our country house.


Of course #1 on the list has to be this little home in need of TLC and the sound of little ones. A yard calling for a garden and a kitchen waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served.

    IMG_7180[1]She may be a face only a mother could love! 


Buying an old home is nothing shy of going on a treasure hunt. Whether it’s a case of old 8 tracks in a small run down barn and a working 8 track player in the garage or a bayonet we found tucked behind the floor boards, I LOVE finding all these hidden gems.  Imagine what the attic will hold!

IMG_6376[1] IMG_7182[1]

Anyone up for Loretta Lynn on 8 track?


We think this is a bayonet from World War II


I am channeling my inner Joanna Gaines and Nicole Curtis from HGTV. I have pinned dozens of pins of inspiration. I have collected furniture to be rehabbed and picked paint colors to match. But first we must demo and clean! In just the few short days we have owned the house we have already made some great progress. Here is a before and current of the family room.

  IMG_7221[1] IMG_7268[1]


My oldest son has a lot of energy and most days I do not. This causes some head to head battles in our relationship but give him a hammer and some protective eyewear and he transforms into a worker bee.

IMG_7228[1] IMG_7235[1]

He installed the toilet seat without ANY help




I LOVE a little Tim McGraw. While running the other morning, I listened to “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” and when he sang “we’re going for broke and we’re going to be rich”, I nearly cried. That’s what this country house is for me. A place for us to plant roots, bet the bank and embrace a dream we have had for some time. 

Find what you are in love with this week and share!

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