Our neighborhood has a smashing good time on the Fourth of July. We take over our suburban street, set up tables, chairs and wait for dusk to fall so the men can start lighting up the sky. There are stories to tell, friendships to catch up on and food to be devoured. Every year we say that we won’t prepare so much food, we will make a spreadsheet, we won’t have so many leftovers. But as the 4th rolls around again, the bowls of salads, foil pans of cheesy potatoes, and plates of patriotic desserts fill the serving tables.┬áHere are some recipes I’m looking to try this year

1. BLT Bites from Return to Sunday Supper

BLT bite

Summer is perfect for a great bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. I love these little mini sandwiches on a cocktail fork!

2. Chicken Chickpea Salad from Ambitious Kitchen

chickpea salad

Loading up on the protein with this delicious looking salad!

3. BBQ chicken Skewers from Host the Toast


Bourbon, BBQ and Bacon…is there anything else to say?

4. Watermelon Mojito Salad from Stupid Easy Paleo

watermelon salad

This salad looks beautiful and fits great into a meal plan for any of my challengers following the 21 Day Fix!

5. Grilled pineapple with Vanilla Ice Cream from Food Network

grilled pineapple

After the grill is done being used for our burgers, chicken and brats, I think we may throw some fruit on there for a healthier dessert option!

Bonus Desserts!

snackflag fruitkabobs

I found these easy, kid friendly desserts on Pinterest but their links are no longer functional

What recipes will you enjoy this holiday weekend???

I would love to hear from you!!