Have you ever had that “thing” that you wanted to do? Something you thought would be awesome to try but just knew you would fail.  When seeing other folks do that “thing” you were amazed and inspired but you allowed that negative self talk to dissuade you from giving it your best shot. For me it has been a sprint triathlon. Back in 2009, I cut out a little photo from Shape Magazine that read “Become a Triathlete This Year”. It hung on my fridge for nearly 2 years until we moved. I never signed up. Never took one step towards making that dream a reality. I allowed the negative voice that lives in my head to convince me as a mother of 2 triathlons were not in my reality. Then I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 and that small snippet of paper went into its rightful place in the trash can.

But over the years the idea of training for a sprint triathlon stuck with me. After running a half marathon,  I was looking for another big goal to set for myself. Since the thought of 26.2 doesn’t sound appealing, I decided to really commit to training, finishing and enjoying a sprint tri in 2015. But how do you start??? I don’t even own a bike! I can swim with in our neighborhood pool with our kids but 400meters in open water is a different story!  But rather than let that negative voice win, I created this….


I broke down the process of getting to that finish line into 5 steps. The first, and most daunting, is to commit to something, pay your registration fee, and put it on your calendar. Share with your family, friends, one of our Facebook Challenge groups. The more folks you share your goals with, the more folks you will have rallying behind you! So I signed up for the Noblesville Fitfest Sprint Triathlon on August 15, 2015. Step one= done!

What is that event you always wanted to try? Are you a new runner and have a goal to run a 5K? Does that excitement of a 13.1 or 26.2 draw you in? Do you want to give the swim/bike/run a try? Do you want to start a rock climbing hobby?? The possibilities are endless as long as you quiet that negative voice. So dream big, get it on your schedule and share with me! As I journey through my training, I’ll update here and share my successes and failures. I would love to have others follow along!

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