I finally got an organized 5k race under my belt in the year 2016. The beginning of this year was focused on weight training in my basement with The Masters Hammer and Chisel, then the great gall bladder & pancreatic revolt, and finally recovering from surgery. My running has fallen to the wayside. But now the warm weather is here to stay, my local chapter of Moms Run This Town is picking up steam and I’m ready to get those running legs working again.

The Run(317) series is a series of 5k races through different cultural districts of the Indianapolis area. Each race is on a Thursday evening, benefits a local charity and features craft beer from Scotty’s Brewhouse.  Supporting a local charity while running with girlfriends and drinking beer= a recipe for perfection!


Three of my newfound Moms Run This Town friends and I laced up for the first of the 5 races on a perfect late spring evening. The atmosphere on Monument Circle was so much fun. Live music, pre race festivities and runners of every shape, size, age packed the brick streets of downtown. After picking up our packets and swag bags, we were off.


Our swag!

The race route was led us through the south side of downtown Indianapolis, past Lilly headquarters, across the industrial parks, and looping back in front of Lucas Oil Stadium. Go Colts! Finally we returned to the center of downtown where the patrons from local restaurants stood on the sidewalks to cheer us on. We crossed the finish line with a modest time of just under 33 minutes. One of my slower 5k times but for being less than 2 weeks post op and for my first race without a gall bladder, I’ll take it!

circle3 circle1

Besides the long wait times for poorly served free craft beer, the post race festivities were fun. The girls and I found a quiet spot to drink our beer, sit and chat. Mother runners are all a similar breed. We shared stories about everything from summer plans to neighborhood drama to how we met our husbands.


Finally we packed it up, headed home, and made plans for our next race in the Run(317) series!

I would love to hear from you!!