“Meat parties!”

Kyle could barely contain his enthusiasm when he shared with me his newest idea to help spread the word about his family farm and their community supported agriculture (CSA) program.


Over the past few years my family has been on a journey of sorts. You can read all about the winding path my husband and I have taken to change what and how we choose to feed our busy family of six here and here. This move to eliminate processed foods in a day in age when “faster, quicker, more processed” is the norm has had it’s ups and downs. We still find ourselves in the drive through line at McDonald’s or waiting for a pizza delivery to arrive on our door step. But those days are growing to be fewer and farther between as we take those small steps to get back to serving our family wholesome, nutritious, locally sourced foods. A HUGE part of the journey has been the CSA through Becker Farms. So, when one chilly February morning at the Carmel Winter Market, Kyle asked if we would be interesting in this new idea he had dreamed, Chris and I were in with both feet.

The meat parties (now known as a Meat and Greet) were to be in home events where guests could learn about the Becker Farm CSA and bulk ordering as well as sample refreshments made with their meats, poultry, and eggs. I provided the space and whipped up my favorite recipes using Becker Farm goods and the Beckers provided an opportunity for people to meet them, ask questions, learn about small local farming, and join their vision for changing how we think of food in this age of convenience over quality.


We hosted our event on a warm, sunny, April afternoon. In order to showcase my favorite “must haves” from the farm, I planned a menu of Italian meatballs using Becker ground beef and Italian Sausage, lettuce wraps using Becker ground pork, and chicken salad using Becker chickens.

meatballs stellaandsalad

After introducing our friends to the Beckers, we sat down and listened to Kyle and Emily share the story of their farm, how they managed to breathe new life into fields that once were decimated by soy bean and corn farming, and how they have created CSA program that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle and budget. While we are a family of six and have created a large custom order to suit our family’s needs, Emily told of another customer who has a monthly order of 2 dozen eggs and a pound of bacon. For me, this is the inherent beauty in working directly with a local farmer. They are willing to work with you on finding a way to best serve your family.


Our conversation with the Beckers included topics ranging from the rationale behind a CSA, to meal prep and planning tips, to how the animals are slaughtered. Emily and Kyle were gracious enough to provide every guest with a take home gift of a dozen farm fresh eggs or a package of burgers, ground beef, or bacon!


I hope that this event helped to show our friends and neighbors how taking those first small steps away from “grocery store” meat to purchasing directly from a local farmer are not near as scary as they seem! If you are local to the Indianapolis metro area and are interested in learning more about Becker Farms and their CSA or bulk ordering process, reach out. Look over the following documents and  contact Emily or Kyle to get involved!


Custom CSA Order Form

2016 CSA Options and Understandings

Cut and Pricing List (No Lamb and Goat)

New Bulk Beef Form

New Bulk Pork Form

The movement to support our local farms and change the culture of food in the United States has one beneficiary- the next generation! Don’t you just love these Tater Tats???

IMG_5023 tatertats

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