This is the box of medications that my mother came home to me with when she was discharged from the nursing home. Literally a cardboard box full of medications. Now I make no bones about the fact that she went in for open heart surgery with a boat load of medications in tow. She was on everything from medication for blood pressure to iron for treatment chronic anemia to statins for lowering her cholesterol. But as I shared here, we were on a good trajectory. Her blood sugar levels were controlled, her blood pressure medication was nearly unnecessary, her weight was stable. Fast forward a mere 6 weeks and we are back to the bottom of our proverbial hill.


While my mom has a brand new bovine aortic valve in place and her endurance is better than I have seen in years, she’s a hot darn mess. Despite being on nearly double the amount of insulin she was on prior to surgery, her blood sugar was 300 when she arrived at my house. Over the course of her post operative stay, the amount of blood pressure medication she is requiring doubled and the first pressure at my house- nearly 175/100!! As a nurse, I understand that open heart surgery in and of itself can cause some of these setbacks but we have a long ways to go to get back to where we were. Frustrating at best as she wasn’t on a beach vacation these last 6 weeks, she was in 2 different health care institutions.

So after we enjoy our holiday weekend, Operation Healthy Grammy starts again tomorrow. But instead of more pills, more shots, more doctors appointments, I’ll pull out my prescription of more vegetables, more water, more exercise. As before, I’ll be sharing our journey here and on my Facebook page. The goal? Our family will walk a 5K at the Indianapolis Heart Walk on September 10th. We have created a team, Operation Healthy Grammy, and we would love for you to join us! If you are local consider signing up to walk with us. If you aren’t, consider donating!


I will be combining the material I learned during my certification in holistic nutrition along with the basics of the 21 Day Fix program for Phase 3 of Operation Healthy Grammy. If you are interested in joining in with our journey and starting your own path to health, email me:¬† I promise you that “healthcare” will not be there to make you well. Healthcare is simply sick care. The system is set up to make you well by prescribing more pills, more therapies, more doctors. You are the key to your own health. I PROMISE you that working together we can make strides in your health that would pale in comparison to any medication that can be prescribed!



I would love to hear from you!!