I’m so excited to bring you another Real Mom: Transformed story.   Sara is a fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador and we connect over the great wide interwebs!

Meet  Sara!

My name is Sara and I am originally from the Philly area but now live and work in Jersey. I am happily married with a beautiful daughter and an adorable beagle. I went to school for journalism and interned at Hearst but fate takes you in mysterious ways and now I work in pharma at a great company.

Tell us your “change” story

When I was younger, being thin was so easy for me. I ate whatever I wanted, did sports year-round and never felt any issues with weight and while I was always uncomfortable with my body – looking back, I had no reason to be. After I had my daughter in 2014 – I knew I wanted to get back in shape for myself and I also wanted to be sure she had someone to look up to who made a healthy effort. I had started off with some Beachbody programs and shakes but eventually I knew I wanted and was capable of more. In June of 2015 I switched to a “paleo eating” lifestyle followed by two rounds of Whole30 and then finally found home… I found crossfit. Since then I have lost about 82 lbs and am feeling great.

What does your normal day/routine look like?

For fitness, I go to crossfit minimally 3-4 times a week. On the weekends, I really struggle to get to the gym because of child care and class times – but on those days I end up getting at least 10k steps so I don’t feel as bad. For food – we plan our food weeks out on Wednesdays and then I generally place our AmazonFresh order. I spend 2-3 hours over Saturday and Sunday doing a full on meal prep for myself, my husband and our daughter. Right now I am doing the RP diet so I am making all of my meals for a full 7-days in advance. It is a high protein, low fat, low carb diet – but personally I generally do not eat anything with dairy in it or grains.

Share some favorite recipes or snacks!

For snacks. I am a sucker for Larabars. My favorite dinner recipe is something I came up with – it’s a dinner hash. Applegate chicken sausage sautéed with peppers, onions and avocados. And then to top it off, I fry an egg and it’s delicious!

If someone was looking to start their own transformation story, what is one small step you would encourage them to take?
I have three little tips…
1. Stop at nothing in the journey to figure out what makes you happy. If you are doing a workout that you hate, keep going. There is something for everyone.
2. It starts with food. There is no quick fix, no secret pill. The secret to health and honestly, happiness lies in the kitchen. Set time aside to meal prep and you will thank yourself.
3. Non-scale victories are a real thing. Limit how many times you weight yourself and really look to the other aspects of your health to measure how you are doing. For me, a huge miler marker was when I could resize my wedding rings!

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Eat well, sweat often!

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