It’s been a while my friends! This year has started out on rocky ground- sick kids, sick mom, sick grandma. Lots of antibiotics and thieves oil and and dreams of warmer weather took the place of good nutrition and writing. But I’m back! This past weekend I completed my first organized race of 2017.  We had spring tease in February. I ran several times in a the glorious sun with a tank top and capris. My heart was happy.

Then the reality of Indiana spring set in and we were back to fleece lined long pants, gloves and running in frigid temperatures. Race day morning was sunny and a balmy 30 degrees. Rachel, Lauren and I were ready with our best shamrock gear! It was just a year ago that we all met through our local Moms Run This Town and they are part of a dear group of women who have become my best running buddies.  In two weeks we will be running our first (of many I assume!!) Ragnar Race. A two hundred mile relay from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN with a group of other MRTT friends. Jenny is part of our team and met us for the Lucky Clover!

The race course was flat and quick. An easy four miles led to a PR for Jenny and my fastest pace in quite some time!

The swag from this race was pretty impressive. Our medals can double as a bottle opener and coaster, the hoodies are super cute and the green beer was flowing in the post race party! Who doesn’t love a race with green beer, bananas and donuts at the finish line??

The Lucky Clover was put on by 131 Events and I would HIGHLY recommend any of their races. A well run race makes the day so much more fun! The girls and I are looking to plan our race calendar after Ragnar including the Run(317) series.

What’s on your running calendar for 2017??

I would love to hear from you!!