It was nearly a decade ago that I decided to forgo the $.69 a pound grocery store turkey and purchase a turkey direct from a local butcher. The price was shocking but the meat was worth every cent. Buying a farm raised Thanksgiving turkey was one of the first steps we took in our journey in changing the way our family eats. You can read more about our story here and here.


(Our family tradition of the Husband posing with the Turkey started back in 2009)

This year I challenged myself to create a Thanksgiving menu using all local ingredients. Over the past several weeks, I have become CRAZY about this challenge. The kids have even joined in on the fun. But I know their excitement will fade when they learn that white potatoes are nowhere to be found here in Central Indiana.

Here is our menu for Thanksgiving and links to the great farmers whose hard work and dedication brings wholesome nutritious food to our table. We give thanks to them!

eatlocalthanksgivingTurkey : Becker Farms

Butternut squash for this delicious recipe: Daily Farms

Sweet potatoes: Daily Farms

Stuffing: bread from Great Harvest

Rolls: Lisa’s Pie Shop

“Mashed potatoes” from cauliflower (shhhh…don’t tell the kids): Becker Farms

Corn: Husk

Sliced cheese and pepperoni: Wilson’s Farm Market

Pumpkin Pie: Lisa’s Pie Shop

Ice Cream: Traders Point Creamery

Wine: Mallow Run Winery

Beer: Indiana City Brewing Company

 This Thanksgiving would you take a moment to thank a farmer for the incredible task of providing food for feasts? Would you accept the challenge to create a meal from local fare during the upcoming holiday season? Eating local is a tangible way to support small farms and the families who run them.

What will be on your Thanksgiving table this year?

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

I would love to hear from you!!