I LOVE tradition. I believe it is family traditions that bind one another and create a deep sense of family. Those quirky “things” that are just for you and your family. One of the Lee family traditions around the holidays is our advent calendar.


Many years ago, perhaps before Pinterest (was there ever such  time???), I made this simple advent calendar for less than $20. Pick up several pairs of Christmas/holiday/wintery socks from the dollar store (or from your kids’ drawers!), some key tags, clothespins and twine.

On each key tag I wrote number 1-25 and then thread the tag through the fabric of the sock.

I hung a piece of twine, hung up those mismatched socks with clothespins and we are ready to go!

Every year on December 1st, my kids wake up and find our advent calendar hung above our fireplace. In each sock is a small slip of paper that contains our holiday activity for the day. Some are simple and some are big adventures. Some are free and some cost money. Some focus on our family and some focus on others. As our kids get older, I am always looking for more and more ways we can use these days leading up to Christmas to teach my kiddos about love and generosity.

Here is our advent list for 2016!


As part of our Lees Pursue Love, we are spending time working to support local organizations that we have found are in line with our mission. Circle City Relief, Circle City Bookmobile, and Kingdom’s Kloset are all on our list!  If you are local, I invite you to help support these great organizations and would love to hear about your favorite local charity.

If you are not local, find a way to serve your favorite charity on the days we are serving ours!


What are your family traditions for this holiday season?


I would love to hear from you!!