We are a big peanut butter family. From PB &Js to peanut butter on celery to ice cream sundaes, we all love some good old fashioned peanut butter. Years ago, I started buying only peanut butter with minimal ingredients. This is our go to brand:

Recently, I decided to try to expand that palates of my little people and set up a taste test with different nut butters.

We headed out to our local grocery store and bought a small sample of each of the following nut butters: peanut, almond and cashew.  These nut butters were all freshly ground (the kids LOVED to operate the machine) and contained no additional ingredients.

For each nut butter, I asked my oldest three children to describe the taste and what they thought with taste best with each respective nut butter. Here’s their review.

Almond Butter

Almonds are packed with healthy fats, vitamins and nutrients. They are a go to snack around these parts.   You can read all about the benefits of almonds in here!

Ava: Tastes creamy with a bumpy texture. I think it would taste best on a sandwich.

Noah: Tastes like almonds! Best eaten with a string cheese.

Ben: Tastes like regular peanut butter. Let’s eat it with broccoli (we eat broccoli with a lot of things but almond butter is a new one!)

Peanut Butter

Fresh Thyme had two varieties of freshly ground peanut butter- honey roasted and traditional. Much to my children’s dismay, we chose the traditional ground peanut butter.

Noah insisted on wearing a blindfold for the taste test!

Ava: Sticky and soft. I think it would go well with apples.

Noah: Really thick. I would like to eat it with an apple.

Ben: Tastes like regular peanut butter. Let’s eat it with broccoli (Seeing a pattern here??)

Cashew Butter

I have been slowly incorporating more and more cashew butter into my meal plan. Due to a condition I have called Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, my doctors have recommended I follow a low fat diet. This includes all the healthy fats from nuts, avocados and oils. Cashews are one of the lowest fat nuts available.

Ava: This isn’t exactly butter. It’s too salty and pasty and wouldn’t taste good on anything!

Noah: Tastes like bread! I would like it on a banana.

Ben: Is this flour? I don’t want to eat this on anything.

Obviously, cashew butter was not a hit! I usually buy this brand from Kroger and the texture is much more palatable.

The Verdict

In the end, almond butter was the hands down favorite of all of my kiddos.

I encourage you to try it out with your kids. Set up a taste test of anything and I bet your kids will love to try new foods.

If you do, shoot me an email (info@smallstepsofchange.com) and tell me all about it!


I would love to hear from you!!