Can we just go ahead and forget that February happened? A month of cold temps, rainy days, and way too many hours indoors. Almost once a day for those bleak 28 days of February I thought about sharing my recap of my January Finish goals . Then life happened and another chilly night arrived without writing. Suddenly I found myself here, the first of March! The whole month of February gone in a flash.

I ROCKED my January goals.

Read “Finish”- CHECK

Create a budget in Every Dollar- CHECK

Complete the Ragnar training challenge- CHECK.

NO spend January- CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

Me and my clan thrived in the structure and boundaries of January. It was far easier than any of us thought it would be.

Then February first dawned and without the structure and boundaries, we came unglued despite my “Finish” goals. I created this graphic in the first few days of the month-

I’m going to think of February like a “rebound” relationship. After the commitment of January, we lost ourselves in the craziness. We spent and spent and spent without tracking. We ate out- A LOT! I did not read, I did not breathe life into this community I’ve been dreaming up. Instead we went a little wild, no commitment, no plans, no meeting of the goals I had set.

But there was one goal I set that I accomplished. I earned my “bronze medal” in our Moms Run This Town Olympic challenge. 29 miles for the month. Some on the treadmill, some in frigid temps, some fast miles, some really slow intervals. Runs with friends, runs alone, runs with my boy. It was at least one small goal that I’m proud to have accomplished.

If February was our rebound relationship, March will be the month to settle in to a nice comfortable long term relationship with my goals. I am expecting bumps in the road, days of no motivation, dollars spent but not tracked. But I’m going to find my groove, settle into a routine, slow and steady small steps in the right direction.

  1. Health: Take care of my legs to prevent shin splints and mediate my plantar fasciitis.
  2. Wealth: Track all expenses in Every Dollar Budget app.
  3. Wellness: Read “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis.
  4. BIG SCARY GOAL: For quite some time, I’ve been thinking about a community of women who are supporting each other through their own individual “FINISH” goals. Brainstorming ideas about how as a health coach, nurse and nutritionist I can facilitate and nurture such a group. It’s coming. It will be started…soon!

So there’s the plan for the month. Four goals. All attainable. All within reach even if it calls for more stretching (literally and figuratively) and more discipline.

What are your March goals? Think of three- one health, one wealth, and one wellness. Then, perhaps, accept my challenge for one BIG SCARY goal! I will be inviting you to share your goals when I launch my BIG SCARY community!


I would love to hear from you!!