When I first decided to become a runner back in 2013, I did what I do when I need any information I turned to Google. I searched “running”- way too much information, “women’s running”- way too much intense information (I love you Kara Goucher but I’m on a different level) and finally “mother runner”. I figured that was the perfect query as that’s what I was, a mother, and what I wanted to be, a runner. It was that Google search that led me to Another Mother Runner. Dimity, Sarah and their tribe of mother runners has been instrumental in my transformation into a mother runner.


Not only do they have three amazing books, an incredible podcast and a website packed with all things useful for a mother runner, they hold live events around the country. An evening where mother runners can gather, drink a glass of wine, shop for running gear, win a giveaway and take home some awesome swag. More importantly, mothers can exhale and celebrate the camaraderie of other women who share the love of lacing up.  I have now been to 2 of their events, one in St. Louis 2 years ago and one here in Indianapolis last night. One of the most beautiful parts of these nights is to look around the room and see women of all different ages, races, sizes, shapes, talking about running. Some are training for their first 5k and others have a lifetime of running behind them. Some are going to tackle a triathlon and others have their sights set on an ultramarathon. You cannot help but be inspired. Check out their tour schedule and go. Grab a friend or two or go alone. But go. I promise it will be amazing. IMG_5933[1]

Last night, Dimity read excerpts from all three books and the crowd laughed at the idea of running naked and fell quiet when we listened to her story of ‘false flats’. We watched in anticipation while INCREDIBLE giveaways were raffled off (I held onto my 36 year old streak of never winning a raffle) and stood in line to thank a woman who has helped to make running so much more relatable to so many.


(not a winning ticket)

As we left and were handed our amazing swag bags.


I think we were all planning on what our next run will be. When we will take off that hat of motherhood just for a moment and allow our inner athlete shine. Even if it’s alone in the predawn darkness of our suburban neighborhoods. A common thread runs through the story of all of the mother runners I’ve ever met in my life. A need to step outside our responsibilities, time for ourselves, an outlet for emotion. So we lace up those running shoes and hit the open road or a treadmill tucked in our basement. We may not run far, we may not run fast but we run. We have an outlet for anger, tears, frustration, that extra cupcake (or two) we ate. We may run with friends, strangers, or alone. We run to remind ourselves we are more than just a mom. We run because we have become mother runners.


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