Most of the folks who ask me about my experience with Beachbody are curious about the opportunity to shed those unwanted pounds. Women who are ready to quiet their inner critic and learn to love how they feel in their bodies. Sustainable weight loss is almost exclusively related to nutrition. Since most of us do not exercise more than once a day, once we find the motivation to exercise in our given 24 hours that decision is behind us for the day. But we are continuously faced with decisions about our nutrition. Not only do we choose what to eat but we must also learn to differentiate true hunger from other emotions such as stress, exhaustion, frustration. In our culture,  food is constantly around us. Whether at work or at Costco, someone is always offering to give us a taste of something. When was the last time you attended a gathering of any sort that did not include food?

Shakeologyc-300x270Because nutrition is so important, I believe Shakeology was the key to achieving my weight loss goals. I am a natural born skeptic. I had drank protein powders, Slim Fast, and other meal replacement shakes in the past. None of them elicited the promised results. But after one month of drinking Shakeology daily, I saw incredible results! I lost weight, felt leaner, wasn’t standing in front of the pantry binging on sweets and then salty food. But there was the price. I am a penny pincher, I love a good sale, I worry more about finances than anything else. The price of Shakeology is hefty! I wasn’t drinking a $4 Starbucks daily, We rarely went out to eat. So how was I going to be able to afford this Shakeology?? First, I became a discount coach. This meant I needed to budget $120 a month. Still a hefty price tag. But then I started to add up the foods that had been cut from our grocery budget. By cutting out Diet Coke and processed snacks like chips or crackers, we were saving about $50 a month. I no longer bought over the counter vitamins or probiotics, another $10 a month savings. Half of the cost of my Shakeology was covered. That’s when I decided that I was going to make this a priority for me. I loved the way I felt, I was developing a confidence I hadn’t felt in years. I no longer dreaded looking in my closet to find something to wear. Instead of throwing that extra top in the cart off the clearance rack at Target or grabbing a quick snack through the drive through for the kids, I allocated that money for Shakeology. I decided to put myself on a line in our budget.  If most of us looked through our bank statement for the last month, we frivolously spent $100. Rather than having spent that money and having nothing to show for it, I chose to invest in my health and wellness.  It was the best decision I could have made.

If you are interested in learning about the opportunities available with Beachbody, either as a coach, following their fitness programs or how you can afford Shakeology, reach out to me. My passion is helping other women on their journey to becoming their healthiest self!



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