So summer has come, the kids are home, my routine is disrupted and both the scale and my mood are showing the results. It’s time to get back on the wagon! The new pup is helping with early morning walks and I’m returning to my first Beachbody love, Piyo. The combination of Piyo and running is my special sauce. The perfect balance of pounding the pavement and barefoot on a mat. You can read all about my first experience with Piyo here.

The pantry and I had to have a little date with a  garbage bag. If potato chips are in this house they whisper to me from the pantry. When the kids are arguing, the sun hasn’t shown in days, and the dog is refusing to step outside in the rain, I eat those chips by the handful. Mindless munching. My downfall. So they have to go! Instead I baked some whole food muffins, cut up a plethora of fruits and veggies, hard boiled eggs and planned some balanced meals for the week. After just a few days, my bloat is leaving, my resolve has returned and I’m ready to forge ahead into the second half of 2015.

When we take a little tumble off the proverbial wagon, it’s so easy to beat ourselves up. Lose sight of how far we have come. That’s why I love to encourage folks to make a goal list. Small steps towards their healthiest self. Goals that are attainable, goals that are just beyond their comfort zone, goals that could be renamed a dream. During those times when you slip and begin to walk down the “I’ll never (fill in the blank)” road, you can look at that goal list and see your progress in black and white!

On January 1, 2015, I posted the following goal list on my personal Facebook page. Since the year is half over and I’m getting myself back up into the wagon, I thought it was the perfect time to check in on my goals!

Top 10 2015 Fitness Goals!

1. Complete my Piyo program and earn my tshirt! DONE


2. Complete Insanity Max 30 DONE


3. Complete the 100 Days of Real Food​ 14 week challenge DONE

 I shared our results in a post here.

4. Complete I <3 to run​ 100 runs- IN PROGRESS

It’s July and I’m only 34 runs in…better lace up!

5. No Diet Coke!!- IN PROGRESS

My last Diet Coke was 12/30/14. Honestly I never thought this would be possible.

6. Run another half marathon (healthy and well trained!)-DONE

I ran a half marathon but not exactly healthy or well trained. Read about it here.

7. Complete a Sprint Triathlon- TO DO
8. Learn to do push ups on my toes- TO DO
9. Run a 5k with the entire family- TO DO
10. Try a new sport.- TO DO

Overall, I’m happy with my progress! The year is half over and I’m more than half way done with my goals. I call it a win!

What are your goals for the remainder of 2015????

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