Once upon a time, I wrote up my Friday I’m in Love list every week. And then I stopped. When I started again I vowed to be diligent in my weekly love list. And then I stopped. As I’m sitting down to write this first Friday I’m in Love list of 2018, I set a goal to make a list every 2 weeks. Then I remembered Jon Acuff’s words, “Cut your goal in half”.  And now my Friday I’m in Love list will appear on Small Steps of Change on the last Friday of each month.


I wish I could buy a thousand copies of this book and give it to everyone I know. One of the best, most practical, most “implementable” personal development books I have ever read. Get yourself a copy!


How did I live my life before you came?

I’m collecting Instant Pot recipes over on this board on Pinterest.


My friend, Rachel, told me about this show on Netflix.

I started watching it with the hubby, and then he Netflix cheated and binged on the entire season.

We are currently in the hunt for a new series to watch together (until he cheats again….). Any recommendations???


My friend, Brooke, told me about this song and it’s been on REPEAT!



Find what you are in love with this week and share!

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  1. GIRL. Mindhunter is AMAZING. (Also? May I recommend the My Favorite Murder podcast? It’s got, uh, adult language– but they’re super funny and discuss true crime in a really interesting manner.)

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