I already had a post written up for today. A list of 5 things that I have loved this week. My list contained a new frother….

Then last night happened. My tribe surprised me with a big old fashioned surprise party at my favorite farm to table restaurant. A surprise is an understatement. I did the ugly cry. So today I’m changing up my Friday I’m in Love a bit.

Here are the 5 reasons I’m in LOVE with my Tribe.


These are the women I “do life” alongside. We parent our kids together. We run together. We cry and laugh and celebrate and mourn together. We borrow cans of tomatoes and wear each others’ clothes. We are truth tellers for each other.

They are my beautiful and sacred community.

And I didn’t even a picture with everyone!


The Rocking Aileen. The girls had our fabulous bartender create a custom drink with gin, my favorite spirit!


The food at The Rail Epicurean Market was delicious as always,  these cookies from  Sweet Treats by Roz were perfection.


My girls gave me beautiful gifts in addition to one of the best nights of my life. Who does that?!?!

My soul sister Diane, creator of Totlosophy, wrote me this beautiful toast. Cue the ugly cry….


One of our women’s ministers at church talks about “who is at your table?” Who are the people you invite to sit at your table in those most intimate, raw moments of your life? Who do you allow to see the real you- all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly.  Last night, I had an opportunity to see that lived out. Who “sits at my table” actually sitting at a table. There are dear friends who weren’t able to be there but their spirits were felt in my soul.

Decades from now, I will remember last night and the laughter and the tears and the love and I’ll probably cry then too.

I hope all of you know that I’m eternally grateful that you have a spot at my table.


I would love to hear from you!!