What a week it’s been. Ten days ago, I received a call that my mother had experienced a “medical incident” and I needed to make my way to a local emergency room. The following 48 hours were emotionally exhausting as we experienced a roller coaster of emotions as the medical staff tried to determine what was the cause of her symptoms. Ultimately, it was determined that her diabetes had caused these acute neurological symptoms. Grammy is now on her road to recovery and we are steering life back to normal. Throughout it all, I stopped to look for love where ever I could find it.

Here’s what I’m in love with this week:


When one of our tribe is sick or hurting, we cook. It’s what women do and I was on the receiving end of the generosity this last week and a half. Thanks Mealtrain for creating such a genius service!



All of the meals provided by my friends were incredible. But macaroni and cheese lasagne was a kid favorite!!! Perfect comfort food.



In case I needed any more reason to love the Andrew Luck! This little chickadee is a tough interviewer.

But, Andrew, why no bacon before games????


Between hospital visits, cleaning out my mom’s apartment, running kids from here to there, showering was last on my list this week! Thank goodness for these products. You can feel like a new woman in no time!



I have leaned on my tribe for more than meals this week. These women, my circle, my clan have supported us, prayed for us, cared for my babies, cared for me. When my world was turned on it’s side for a while, I’m deeply thankful for my community. To all of you- I love you to the depths of my soul. Life would not be possible without you.


Find what you are in love with this week and share!


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