Here’s what I’m in love with this week-


There is nothing more perfect than a tiny, beautiful, squishy newborn. Seeing your youngest hold said newborn is pure love. Welcome to the world Lucas Fisher.



Years ago I began to follow Roni at She transformed her body and created a following of women who were inspired to do the same. She has now partnered with another fit maven to create #wycwyc- What You Can When You Can. A celebration of those small steps you take in your journey to health…sound familiar??? Check it out!


Do you know how expensive pine nuts are??? Thanks to these new organic bulk bins at Kroger I can buy just the 2 tablespoons I need. Thanks Kroger for saving me money!




   I used to say the only thing I would ever have tattooed on me is the Olympic rings if I were ever an athlete in the game. Well that dream has died. But now I’m mildly obsessed with this tattoo…..

miles to go


I found this recipe from the Reluctant Entertainer

Ground Turkey with Pesto Zucchini and Yellow Squash


I love zoodles, I love ground turkey, I love pesto.

This may be my new favorite dish!


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