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My first organized race of the year was last night! Crazy that it’s May and I’m just now getting a 5k done.

The Run(317) was so much fun especially with my Moms Run This Town Friends!



I’ve replayed this video about 1,000,000 times.


Spring has maybe/possibly/hopefully sprung here in Central Indiana. So the garden has been planted!


Click on the image to see more “Plant-a-grams”!!


Earlier this month, I posted Is This Really Healthcare??? The food served in any large healthcare institution I have come across as been sub-par at best. But the Castle Rock Adventist Hospital in Denver has got somethin’ going on! Read this incredible article!!

Jose Garibaldi uses a hot iron to brand the top of a rack of buns in the kitchen at Manna at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital on April 27.

Best line of the article: “The garden is part of the hospital’s emphasis on wellness, not just medicine”. Can I get an AMEN!!!


A friend of mine from high school takes these beautiful pictures on her morning walks along the beaches we grew up on.


Andrea, they are simply perfect.



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