Here’s what I’m in love with this week:


My husband has been traveling 100 times more than normal this first quarter of 2016. It has drained all of us. But these beauties arriving on my doorstep helped to lighten the load.


Like I said over on Instagram, it’s great to be married to someone who surprises the hell out of you every once in a while!


I am shocked what people feel comfortable saying to my husband and me about our “large” family. Side note, I don’t consider a family of 6 large by any means. We can fit into a minivan!

I LOVE Scary Mommy’s 10 Questions Not to Ask a Large Family.




Coffee flavor +Shakeology benefit= Aileen’s true love


If you are interested in learning more about Shakeology or trying a sample,

reach out to me here!


I am OBSESSED with a round, farmhouse style, dining room table. I think I have found a local woodworker to build us one. I may cry. #kitchenmakeoverstartsnow



I embrace my liberal roots and I believe this election has dire consequences for any American who is a not a white wealthy man. Even if you are not a minority or a woman, you know someone who is and hopefully you will vote to protect their rights as well as your own.

Who needs Ryan Gosling when there’s Bernie? 96c6828a9828bab70a54e11bb7bd6996


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