Its late but it’s still Friday! Here’s what I’m in love with this week-


It’s been about a decade since I’ve gone to a Pampered Chef party. But last month my girlfriend hosted one and another friend recommended this little tool…..


Makes the BEST scrambled eggs. Hands down. EVER. And I eat a lot of eggs. Find a Pampered Chef consultant and get one!



This kid. Our oldest son is one of those naturally born athletes. This is his first year on swim and it’s just so darn cute to see him in his jammers and goggles.


I gave up Diet Coke for 2015. I am a recovering Diet Coke addict. I used to cringe at the idea of going a day without soda let alone a year! But I’m nearly half way through the year and it doesn’t even sound good any more. But every once in a while, I’m in the mood for something carbonated. I recently picked these up and I’m in LOVE!!!


I’m thinking of adding a little “adult” flavoring to one at our next summer cookout!



Love this and my tribe


I’m almost always following one of the Beachbody fitness programs. But lately I’ve been choosing random workouts each day. The other day I chose something from Insanity Max 30 and this was my favorite quote from Shaun T. Shirt was made by a local mama at Logo Bomb.

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