Hello my long lost friends!!!

This holiday season felt like a tornado ran through our lives. In addition to celebrating the season with our 4 kids, my mother has been ill, my husband has been traveling, and I have NOT been blogging. But the holidays are over, Mom is doing better, my husband has trips planned rather than last minute, and I am back to blogging…even if this is a day late!

Here’s what I’m in love with this week:


My excuse for not blogging yesterday? I spent the day preparing and hosting our Girl Scout cookie kickoff. Today marks the first day of cookies sales. I LOVE being a scout leader and these girls have taken a special place in my heart.


If you are interested in ordering cookies (or donating boxes of cookies to our servicemen and women!) let me know!!!


I had ordered For the Love back in the summer and it’s been sitting on my shelf unopened. I started this week and I haven’t been able to put it down.




Great article!!!

Solitude is Going Extinct: The Stress of Modern Parenting

Solitude is going extinct

I just want to use the bathroom by myself…..



Have you heard this song??? Take a sister to church!


  Came across this on Pinterest


This is my hope for all of us in this coming year!

Find what you are in love with this week and share!


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  1. Welcome back!

    Glad mom is doing better and things are settling down for you.

    Love the quote!

    Never heard of for the love-gotta check that out.

    Girl!b I have to run upstairs and lock the bedroom door and the bathroom door to get 10 min of quiet time!

    Have a great week!

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