This week has been crazy! The adjusting to school, on of my kids nearly cutting off his finger and major renovations happening at the country house but here’s what I’m in love with this week-


Football season is nearly here and I am beyond excited to cheer on our Colts again. Our offense may not quite be the same now that our beloved Reggie Wayne is a Patriot (boo….) but I still love him as a person, a player and this letter he wrote to Colts Nation. We will miss you Reggie!



Growing up on Long Island, every good festival had a zeppole stand. Deep fried dough balls caked in powdered sugar. I have yet to find a good zeppole or diner here in the Midwest. But perhaps I’ll try my hand at making my own zeppoles!



hands free life

You know when you read someone’s blog and you think “Man, I wish she could come drink coffee on my couch or wine on my porch with me?” That’s how I feel about Rachel Macy Stafford over at Hands Free Mama. When she contacted me to see if I would be interesting in reviewing her new book, Hands Free Life, I nearly fell over on my face. I have a blog series in the works based on the book and you can grab a copy here! Grab your best cup of coffee, highlighter and box of tissues. It’s a beautiful read.


 Have you seen this?? Insane.


My new logo!! I am in the process to rebranding Small Steps of Change and it starts with this great logo created by a friend.


Please bear with me as I work out the kinks of how to get rid of those annoying sponsored links below!

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