As a busy mom, I’m always on the hunt for a well rounded meal that can be prepared in that little bit of time between dance practice and soccer or Brownies and date nights. Or in this case in between a Target run and Back to School Night (do you hear that choir of angels singing??)

My family loves tacos. It’s one of our go to weekly meals, easy to prepare and everyone can create their own masterpiece.  But for this meal I decided to switch it up. My good friend had told me about Beyond Beef substitute. I wasn’t sold. We have tried to incorporate more vegetarian meals through our month but the soy meat substitutes are not a hit with my family. But Diane assured me this was different!


The main ingredient in Beyond Beef is pea protein.  Who knew that peas were such a hidden source of protein? In fact, the vegan formulas of Shakeology use pea as the main protein. Anyways, back to tacos. Beyond Beef is gluten, soy and GMO free.  But what about taste??

For dinner, I heated through 2 packages of Beyond Beef with some homemade taco seasoning.


I sautéed some green peppers, onions, tomatillos and tomatoes ( both from garden!!) in olive oil.



Served with refried beans, baked tortilla scoops and avocado.  It was a meal in less than 20 minutes!


The verdict on the Beyond Beef?? Total hit! Definitely a super fast vegetarian meal that the kids cobbled down. Except for Cakers, my oldest daughter, who has a “thing” about meat. She has seen my passion about limited processed foods, buying local meat from farms we know and she was confused as to why I was buying meat in a bag from the frozen section of Target! Throughout dinner, she kept mentioning that this “bag meat” was “weird” and next time could I make regular tacos with Becker Farm meat.

Finally, after dinner I let the cat out of the bag (ha ha) and told the kids this was not real beef and instead a vegetarian option. No one cared except for Cakers who was relieved!

What are your favorite family friendly meals that are easy to prepare and help you to avoid the drive through?

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