This post has been in the works for about a month now but you know how life can get. In August, my husband and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. I knew that I wanted to take the opportunity for a date night at one of the farm to table restaurants on my “must try” list. So we made reservations at The Loft!


The Loft is the restaurant at Trader’s Point Creamery. This beautiful farm is located just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown Indianapolis but feels a million miles away. Many of the menu items are sourced from the garden on the property, the cheese is made with milk from the cows grazing out back, and the ambiance is nothing short of perfection.


After ordering a great glass of wine and craft beer, we feasted on their signature cheese board. Hands down favorite..brick street tomme soaked in Weemac Ale from a local brewery, Sun King.


Then this simple garden salad with fresh feta. Really I could have licked the plate.


Deciding on a main dish was nearly impossible. Finally we settled on two different dishes that we could share. After hearing our incredible server, Starla, describe their New York Trout special, we knew that was our top choice followed by the pork. Neither disappointed.


The trout was served over a ragout of summer vegetables including ground cherries. Personally, I had never heard of these little gems. They were amazing! I may try to grow these puppies myself at the country house.


The pork was prepared sous-vide and could be cut with a spoon. This dish was served over sweet corn and bacon porridge (perfection) with a green bean and burnt peanut slaw. Again, I would have licked the plate.

We topped off our meal with fresh roast coffee served with Trader’s Point cream and two decadent desserts- blueberry pie and ice cream with homemade toffee and caramel sauce. Perfection.


 IMG_7858[1] IMG_7859[1]

This dinner was beautiful, perfect, delicious, amazing and 100 other superlatives. While it was more expensive than your average dinner out, it was worth every single last penny. Two hours of uninterrupted conversation, great music playing, impeccable service, fresh locally sourced whole food, I could not ask for more!


Thank you Trader’s Point, we will be back!


Have you been The Loft?
What was your favorite dish?

I would love to hear recommendations for our next date night farm to table restaurant!


I would love to hear from you!!