Our first official theme week of summer was a great success. Having a small activity or craft ready every day helps to keep some order to our days! Last week we spent on our knightly quest pursuing Jesus at Grace Kids Camp. This week we return to a theme week: Animal Week!

Links to all of our crafts, summer recipes, and printable are pinned on my Summer Theme week Pinterest board!


Summer School

Each kiddo will be choosing an animal of their choice to research this week!

Pick out an animal book at the library. Perhaps from this list!


Animal  worksheets (a million found on Pinterest!)

Crafts  & Activities

Beaded snakes


Pipe cleaner animals

Create your own animal (animal adaptation activity)


Pet rocks!

Animal Yoga

 Play pretend veterinarian & pet shop.Lots of great play vet printables here!


We are planning a big “trip” this week to Fair Oaks Farm!


Prancing Ponies

Ongoing Summer Activities

Pool time

Family walks

Exploring local, state and national parks

Summer movies

Free concerts in the park

I would love to hear or see what you share for your summer plans!


I would love to hear from you!!