Long time no write for this mommy blogger. Just when life is cruising along, I am feeling good, getting ready for our long awaited weekend away, my pancreas decides to make it’s presence know! Life stops, I feel horrible, and our weekend away is threatened by a hospital stay. While I was inpatient, I wrote what I thought was a profound piece about surrender.  Plan was to share that with you today but now that the morphine haze has lifted, I recognize the extent of editing it needs!

So instead, I’m sharing this much more light hearted post I stole from Tamieka over at Fit Balling Running Mom!



A – Age: 37

B – Breakfast Today: English muffin with peanut butter

C – Current Time: 9:40am

D – Drink You Had Last: Coffee!

E – Exercise of Choice: Running or Piyo. They are perfect complements to each other!


F – Favorite Song: Of all time- Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. Lately: Love Yourself by the Beiber.

G – Grossest Memory: Eating the “barf” flavored jelly bean when my kids and I did the Beanboozled challenge.

H – Hometown: Rocky Point, NY

I – In Love With: This guy…



J – Jealous Of: Anyone who has their fixer upper done by Chip and JoAnna

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.20.58 PM

K – Kids: My crew: Cakers, 9. NoNo, 7. Bopper, 5. Vivi, 3.  And the canine, Jack…



L – Longest Friendship: My BFF Annie. Over 30 years of friendship under our belts.


M – Middle Name: Marie as is my mother’s middle name and my youngest daughter.

N – Number of Siblings: 1, Mark.


O – Occupation: Pediatric nurse turned Beachbody coach/blogger/student of holistic nutrition

P – Pet Peeve: Being late, asking for advice and then doing the opposite, lack of self awareness

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: Were they all planned?


R – Reason to Smile: My husband drove my littles to preschool this AM so I could stay in my jammies. That’s true love folks!

S – Snack You Ate Last:Greek yogurt with almonds.

T – Time You Woke Up: 7:30am!!! Mama needs to get back to her 5am wake ups.

U – Underwear Color: Purple.

V – Vacation Destination: The Beach. Any beach. Anywhere with warm sand and the sound of the waves.


W – Workout Today: Starting Piyo and taking the pup for a walk.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had:  I spent last week in the hospital therefore quadrupling my x rays exposure!  Tibia/Fibia to rule out running injury, chest X-rays, abdominal X-ray

Y – Your Favorite Food: NY pizza….


Z – Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

There you go!! A little A to Z about me!

I would love to see your answers to your own A to Z!!!

I would love to hear from you!!