Happy New Year Friends!!!

Like so many of you, 2016 was a rough year around these parts. From my own health struggles to recognizing that both my mother and mother-in-law needed to be placed in long term care. My husband’s CRAZY travel schedule. The ongoing money pit that is our country house. It felt like one thing after another after another, crashing waves.

But with that magical stroke of midnight on January 1st, we kissed (or kicked!) that year goodbye and marched head on into the new year. My family celebrated New Years Eve with good friends, pajamas and pizzas. We laughed and cried and learned the tradition of standing on your right foot at the balls drops. Starting off the New Year on the right foot. I LOVE that!

And so I am, we are. We are starting out 2017 strong. We are starting off 2017 on the right foot. Rather than making resolutions that are statistically bound to fail, I am choosing two areas of my life to focus on improving this year: my business and our debt.

Small Steps of Change

As of January 1, 2017, Small Steps of Change is officially a business in the eyes of the state. How exciting is that?!!? I have spent the last quarter of 2016 formulating a business plan to grow my coaching business to be able to make 2017 their healthiest year yet. You can head on over to the “Work with Me” tab to learn more about the private health coaching options now available.

While my background in nursing and holistic nutrition has laid a great foundation, my day to day experience of being a busy mom of four who has found a way to keep my own fitness and nutrition on the forefront is what I hope will serve all of you the best! I’m excited to spend this year creating health and wellness for many of you!

Our Debt

2016 was an expensive year for us! From mounting medical bills (thanks to my ongoing gallbladder/pancreatic problems) to unexpected repairs to the country house, we racked up some debt in 2016. Yesterday my husband and I broke out the budget, the book Total Money Makeover and made a plan. A plan to pay off medical bills, credit cards and a car this year. Time to buckle down!

Two documentaries we watched recently really inspired us to take a look at where and how we spend our money. If you have not seen Minimalism or The True Cost, both available on Netflix, you should watch them! They are eye-opening. One of biggest steps we are going to take as a family in 2017: no NEW clothes. We are going to limit our purchases in general but will only buy second hand clothes this year. Did you know that the “fashion” industry has an environmental impact second only to the oil industry??

My Word

This year I have chosen the word “nourish” as my mantra. I am going to focus on spending the time and energy to nourish my soul, my body, my family and my community in 2017. My prayer is to become slow and intentional with what I eat, how I spend my time, where we chose to spend our resources. Taking the time to ensure that these decisions nourish me and those I do life alongside.

What are you choosing to focus on in 2017?

Do you have a word of the year? I would love to hear it!

I would love to hear from you!!