It all started with a post I shared with our local Moms Run This Town group. I had just finished watching “From Fat to Finish Line” and thought if those folks can run a 200ish mile relay race, I was sure a group of suburban runner mamas can do it as well. Six months after that post, a team of 12 Sexy Mother Runners were tucked into a hotel in Chatanooga, TN ready to cross the starting line in the morning.

The next 30 hours were some of the most fun of my life. We laughed, barely slept, ate lots of Kind Bars and jelly beans. Oh yeah, we ran. We ran a combined 200ish miles. Each of us running 3 legs of varying distances, varying terrain, varying times of the day.  It was 30 hours, 47 minutes and 22 seconds until we crossed the finish line in Nashville, TN. For all those hours, a Sexy Mother Runner was on the course!

Here are 12 reasons I believe all of you should run a Ragnar

1. You will make new friends.

Most of the women on our Ragnar team were strangers just months before the event. Then we were dressed like a bachelorette party together at the finish line!

2. Visit new places.

Running 200 miles on foot allows you to see parts of the country you may never had otherwise. We stopped at 3am in a small rural town called Eagleville, Tennessee. It was a beautiful little corner of the world. And the coffee and bagels at 4am were much appreciated.

3. The scenery

Enough said.

4. Who doesn’t want a logo???

We had an amazing logo created for our big day. Sexy Mother Runner tshirts, tattoos, and magnets! If you are looking for a logo check out Nathan’s work. He ROCKED ours. If you are looking for custom temporary tattoos, check out Mile Markings (owned by another badass mother runner!)

5. The team culture

Every team on Ragnar has a “feel” and a magnet to match. We slapped one on each other’s vans during the exchanges! These are two of my favorites!

2. Runners are awesome folks

One shoe Jimmy
The vest guy

We had so much fun meeting other Ragnarians from different parts of the country. Runners really are the best.

6. The laughter

Your legs may hurt from running and sitting in your van but your abs will hurt from the laughter. Here is one of my teammate, Rachel, reenacting some very aggressive tooth brushing that had us in tears in the middle of the night. Everything is funny at 3am.

7. You wear AMAZING outfits.

Safety vests and raccoon caps are the upcoming fashion trend.

8. The finish line

Not only are you celebrating your accomplishment with your team and all the folks you’ve met along the way, there is pizza and beer.

9. You may win!

We started this race with idea of simply having fun and finishing. Around mile 150 and hour 20, we began to realize that we were doing well…really well. We were at the “front of the pack”. We did, in fact, rock it! Sexy Mother Runners placed 3rd among all-women teams. Cannot wait to see our prize!

10. Push your limits.

My final Ragnar mile

We’ve all been up late, we’ve all run when we are tired. But being up for 30 hours and realizing you need to run 6 miles on no sleep and a diet of jelly beans and McDonald’s really shows you what you are made of!

11. Saying yes leads to awesome places.

During one of our down times (while the other half of our team was running), we stopped and tried to nap. This was our spot. This was a view. I had a moment of deep appreciation for the universe to leading me to that place. It was beautiful, the weather was perfect, I was surrounded by great friends and it was all because we decided to say “yes” to something that seemed kind of crazy at the time.

12. The Fun!

It’s been 3 weeks since we raced and what still makes me smile today is how much fun we had. You only need one good reason to run Ragnar, it’s more fun than you can even imagine. To my SMR teammates, it was one for the memory books!

Think you may be interested in joining my next Ragnar team?!?! Send me an email ( and we will get to planning!

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  1. What a great experience!! This is on my bucket list, but I don’t think I’ll do one for a while. You’ve definitely made it sound fun though! Congrats on your awesome finish as well!

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