The 101 of 80/20


While it may sound like a complicated math problem to those of us who are more left brain dominant, this post is going to be completely dedicated to explaining the 80/20 rule and sharing some tips for how to embrace the 80/20 rule in your health journey.

Two of my … Read the rest

Just Peachy


Twice a year the Peach Truck rolls into Central Indiana packed full of bushels of Georgia peaches. I had seen this crazy event advertised in years past but this was the first year when we marked off the day on our calendar to join in on the Peach Truck craze. … Read the rest

Science Week


Hard to believe there is only 3 full weeks of summer left for my kids. While our school has not officially adopted a balanced calendar, we seem to be having shorter and shorter summer breaks. This week we are focusing on science!

Links to all of our crafts, summer recipes, … Read the rest

Around the World week!


I realized that I forgot to publish my post last Sunday about Camping Week! That will be coming up shortly. We are kicking off Around the World week tomorrow by celebrating the United States of America. Hopefully the rain will hold out and we will be able to celebrate the … Read the rest

Animal Week!


Our first official theme week of summer was a great success. Having a small activity or craft ready every day helps to keep some order to our days! Last week we spent on our knightly quest pursuing Jesus at Grace Kids Camp. This week we return to a theme week: … Read the rest

Doing it all


We all have that friend, coworker, family member, neighbor who does it all. Mothers, works, exercises, volunteers, cooks, gives. As a mother/entrepreneur/blogger, I often hear the old familiar phrase, “I don’t know how you do it all”. Like one of my favorite authors, Rachel May Stafford, has written about many … Read the rest

Welcome to summer!


Schools is out and the lazy flip flops days of summer have arrived. Each year, I greet the beginning of June with a mix of anticipation and dread. Adjusting to the summer months of no routine is a difficult one for me and for my children. Several years ago, I … Read the rest