What a year it’s been


It was October 5, 2015. My girlfriend and I were anxiously waiting to get out of the house and grab a kid free dinner. My mother was late…again. She was supposed to be at my house half an hour before and I assumed she was at work- lost her keys, … Read the rest

The 101 of 80/20


While it may sound like a complicated math problem to those of us who are more left brain dominant, this post is going to be completely dedicated to explaining the 80/20 rule and sharing some tips for how to embrace the 80/20 rule in your health journey.

Two of my … Read the rest

Just Peachy


Twice a year the Peach Truck rolls into Central Indiana packed full of bushels of Georgia peaches. I had seen this crazy event advertised in years past but this was the first year when we marked off the day on our calendar to join in on the Peach Truck craze. … Read the rest

Science Week


Hard to believe there is only 3 full weeks of summer left for my kids. While our school has not officially adopted a balanced calendar, we seem to be having shorter and shorter summer breaks. This week we are focusing on science!

Links to all of our crafts, summer recipes, … Read the rest